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Finding my thoughts in songs

Sometimes it seems that the things we go through are happening all the time to everyone else. An example is hearing the song runaway by maroon 5 l. I couldn’t have put together words to say the things he I wish I’d said.

And it breaks me down when I see your face
You look so different but you feel the same
And I do not understand
I cannot comprehend
The chills your body sends
Why did it have to end?

Part of the chorus 🎶🎶🎶🎶


Really…After all that. New years resolution .

Sometimes it’s hard to take people seriously. They tell you they will never change and boom as soon as they say it, things get awkward. Smh and fists to the air. 

Oh and my new year’s  resolution is to really value and be grateful for what  I have. Read more.write more. Research more. Draw more. Take more pictures of stuff. I’ll be back later.