Xenarc 480-TSV Cable Pin Out

I came across this little monitor, it had no cable no power adapter and no remote. After not being able to find the proper cable and info online, I decided it was time to open it up. Continue reading Xenarc 480-TSV Cable Pin Out


Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 4)

I have made some improvements to the firmware i will leave the code below but first some  of the changes.

Now Limit switches are identified.IR Receivers are working and have decoding capabilities.I have added “Mode” support or IR learning via serial Monitor.Error codes via Power LED blinking.  Continue reading Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 4)

Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 3)

Well today I started to edit the sketch that will control the firmware for the Sunpak AP-200W. I have made progress. I have full control of motors and the LEDs’. I’m trying to get the IR sensors to work, but can’t seem to decide whether or not it should be controlled by IR or push buttons or even serial communication. Right now all this arduino sketch is doing is tilting and panning. Next version will implement button presses and Ir signals (Remote). Continue reading Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 3)

Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 2)

I took apart the Sunpak AP-200W today. Seems very simple, only one major IC/MCU (NEC D17135A ). I quickly went to look for the datasheet and was able to identify pin-outs.
After a failed Hex dump i removed the  chip from the board and followed to identify where each pin went/controlled. I was able to identify major vias that where vital to make the device function. The next major component was a Toshiba TA8409S (“H Bridge”). After finding the proper datasheet and being able to identify the pin-outs… I was in bussiness. Opening up Arduino IDE I began to write a simple sketch that would allow to see if it would be able to control the pan/tilt motors.

It was a success.  I have control of the Pan/Tilt motors. Now this journey will venture to write “Firmware” for the arduino that will allow to program time lapse sequences.

Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack

Sunpak AP-200W
Sunpak AP-200W

Last week i found this Sunpak AP-200W.It had no remote. After trying to find the remote at a few shops, i decided that it might be a good chance to see if i could adapt an Arduino to it. In its original state the product brochure says that it is Auto Panning, it tilts and also provides Zoom /Record feature. there is no way to program it. Something i was looking for to make some panning/tilting time-lapses. Enter the Arduino. My idea is to be able to program some routines. Well i will report what keeps happening from here on out.



Cant wait till i do this!


My work keeps me extremely busy at the moment, so when I finally have a free weekend I need some way to distract myself from work. Unfortunately the lack of time means that it is hard to start up any project that is even a bit complicated – however, you can always put a little kit together on a Sunday afternoon, can’t you? 🙂

The kit for this time is (supposedly) a clone of the Graham Slee Solo headamp. The circuit here seems quite traditional, an opamp for gain, a pair of transistors for output and a pair of LM7815/7915 regulators for power.

As is my custom with these builds, I have “enhanced” the ebay kit with some selected pickings from my parts bin. All PSU capacitors are now Panasonic FCs, the decoupling caps are NOS Elna Cerafines and the input caps are NOS Blackgates (they have been in storage for far…

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Carvin : The Resurrection

I had come across this a couple of power amps at a local Church garage sale. Along these came a dead Carvin HT-750. It powered on but no sound! and a few seconds later… that smell when you know something is wrong. The next day i took it apart and could see no damage to the transformer or output section so it was then that i new that the problem lied in the power section. Low and behold upon first glance the dreaded “melted” silicon.IMG_1110It is a TIP31C. Upon further inspection I found a couple more problems.  IMG_1123 Well till i get the parts.              TO BE CONTINUED…IMG_1125IMG_1129IMG_1124

Resurrecting an old Roland JC120

I met a cool cat about six years ago. He had this cool sounding amp, it was a Rolnd jc120. Since first hearing this amp a wanted it. I asked a couple of times over the years to sell it to me and he would not budge, until a few days ago, actually it was a trade. Ill admit that the amp had become dead. It would blow fuses upon powering it on. so I took a gander at it into repairing it.


this is my story into a dream five years in the making.

imagination is key!