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TimeLapse Software (Sunpak Hack)

With the progress that I have made with the Sunpak AP-200W, I thought it would be nice to write software to control it. I currently have available the commands to tilt up/Down, Pan left/Right. Number of pictures and interval.

Well, here are some screenshots. of how it looks I will post video of it working with the Sunpak Pan/Tilt head. I will also publish all working Arduino files and vb.Net Project.

Canon EF-S Protocol and Electronic Follow Focus

Awesome! Will come in handy…

Pick and Place

Two years ago, I spoke with a film maker who told me about the problem of manual focusing with the video enabled Canon DSLRs. As the focusing sensor works only when the camera’s mirror is down, when in video mode, with the mirror up, the camera switches into manual focusing mode, via the lens focusing ring. Several solutions exist on the market, but they mainly use mechanical links to deport the focus ring to more accessible place on the camera rig.

Some electronic solutions exist, but they use the Camera’s USB input and the focusing speed is quite low.

I decided to dig into the communication protocol between the camera body and the lens.

Canon EFS lenses are connected to the body via a 7 pin connector. Three for the power supply and four for a standard SPI serial interface (including digital ground).

Canon EF-S Connector Pinout

Then, I bought a lens extender to…

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Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 3)

Well today I started to edit the sketch that will control the firmware for the Sunpak AP-200W. I have made progress. I have full control of motors and the LEDs’. I’m trying to get the IR sensors to work, but can’t seem to decide whether or not it should be controlled by IR or push buttons or even serial communication. Right now all this arduino sketch is doing is tilting and panning. Next version will implement button presses and Ir signals (Remote). Continue reading Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 3)