Xenarc 480-TSV Cable Pin Out

I came across this little monitor, it had no cable no power adapter and no remote. After not being able to find the proper cable and info online, I decided it was time to open it up. After firstly removing the connector and not being able to buy a proper male plug that mated with it I tossed the idea to make a “Professional” looking cable. I began to identify all GND pins and started to write them down.  After looking at my notes that it had VGA, AV 1 and AV2 inputs i knew that i could knockout 2 pins right away.  So i connected an Av signal to ground and a probe to AV live pin and started probing pins to see which one would give a video signal to AV1 on the monitor. Voila ! I got an image, wrote down the pin and switched the Input on the monitor and presto, the AV2 image came up also. now that i had these two I began to research how VGA signal worked. I found out that it uses 3 Pins for “RGB” and “H/V” sync. So with this new info I started to look at the motherboard once again and looked for 5 vias that would seem to travel together. Yes! i found them i remembered seeing a picture that the “RGB” signal tend to have resistors right after the connector. and look here, 3 vias with a resistor each followed by 2 more…coincidence? This time i was not going to be able to simply probe each pin so in my mind it was RGB, so i solders a vga cable with its corresponding pins to the motherboard and H/V sync. I connected my Thin Client to the monitor and look i can see the bios. It finished booting up and i saw my O/S but… what is this the image looks pink. I shut the monitor off and switched pins “R” and “B”, look the image is perfect i had gotten lucky with the H/V sync. I  had my vga signal I am able to see the desktop and play a movie. now to find the Audio. I simply connected my cellphone GND ear Jack pin and put some music on and started to probe remaining pins and there it went I could hear music on Left speaker, kept probing, Right speaker came up!  This monitor has a CY-4w-USB-03 Touch-Screen. a quick google lookup game me the pin-outs for that board and simply followed the traces to the connector pads and wrote down what pins they went to.

Now for the best part if you need the Pin-Out for a Xenarc 26 Pin w Touch-Screen here it is:

  1. GND
  2. AV1 In
  3. GND
  4. AV2 In
  5. AV2 L spk
  6. GND
  7. AV2 R spk
  8. ?
  9. VGA R
  10. ?
  11. VGA G
  12. GND
  13. VGA B
  14. AV1 L spk
  15. AV1 R spk
  16. GND
  17. VGA L spk
  18. VGA R spk
  19. USB 5V
  20. GND
  21. USB (-)
  22. GND
  23. USB(+)
  24. VGA H/Sync
  25. USB GND
  26. VGA V/Sync

I truly hope this might be useful for someone.


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