Sunpak AP-200W Arduino Hack (Part 2)

I took apart the Sunpak AP-200W today. Seems very simple, only one major IC/MCU (NEC D17135A ). I quickly went to look for the datasheet and was able to identify pin-outs.
After a failed Hex dump i removed the  chip from the board and followed to identify where each pin went/controlled. I was able to identify major vias that where vital to make the device function. The next major component was a Toshiba TA8409S (“H Bridge”). After finding the proper datasheet and being able to identify the pin-outs… I was in bussiness. Opening up Arduino IDE I began to write a simple sketch that would allow to see if it would be able to control the pan/tilt motors.

It was a success.  I have control of the Pan/Tilt motors. Now this journey will venture to write “Firmware” for the arduino that will allow to program time lapse sequences.


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